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USAlarm of North Florida Inc BBB Business Review


USAlarm of North Florida Inc BBB Business Review

Customizable Options Available from Our Central Vacuum Company
Make everyday cleaning truly convenient by customizing your system with the help of our central vacuum company. We offer clients additional system upgrades, such as Hide-A-Hose. This space-saving feature automatically retracts the hose and stores up to 50' of it within wall tubing.  We would be happy to recommend a number of central vacuum solutions based on the size of your home and its existing layout. When you hire us, we help you choose from the following options:

            Power Units 
                        True Cyclonic®
                        Filtered Cyclonic®
                        Maxum Replaceable Filter Bag

            Vacuum Accessories
                        TurboCat Powerhead - Light, Standup Vacuum Appliance That Easily Connects to Any Hose
                        Vroom - Installed in Standard Cabinets and Reaches up to 24' to Clean Dry Messes
                        Vroom for Garage - Designed to Quickly Clean Car Interiors, Workbenches, and More
                        Spot - Built-in Accessory that Reaches up to 15' with Easy Valve Access
                        Vac Pan - The Convenience of Sweeping, without the Dustpan—Sweep Crumbs Towards the Inlet and Let the                                                 Vacuum Do the Rest

Central Vacuums 

Reduce the time you spend on chores and make cleaning easier by investing in a central vacuum! This vacuum is a permanent fixture installed into the home. USAlarm of North Florida is proud to offer reliable central vacuums. As a dealer of VACUFLO® power units, homeowners look to us when they desire a superior cleaning experience. The installation starts by placing a power unit in a convenient space, such as the garage or utility room. This power unit is connected to ductwork that we personally run throughout the home. Whenever you want to vacuum, all you have to do is connect the appropriate attachment  to the conveniently hidden hose in the room. The high-efficiency air stream created by the power unit will do all the work to remove 100% of debris, dirt, dust, and odors! All particles vacuumed up travel through the network of in-wall tubing to the power unit, where it can later be disposed of.

Contact USAlarm of North Florida today to learn more about central vacuums. A member of our team is prepared to address any of your questions and concerns. We proudly offer products and installations for residents of  Northeast Florida.